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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 | Author: Therese

One day as I was stamping and cutting out some clouds, one of my clouds suddenly lay somewhat ruffled on the desk and looked just like a leaf… The idea grew and the end result after a lot of stamping, colouring, cutting out and glueing was a flower! I started to glue three leaves as a base, and then glued leaf after leaf in the spaces in between. A flower needs to have some green leaves as well, so I used Urban Swirl. The swirl and the clouds are all coloured with Promarkers och highlighted with a white pen. The flower is fastened on the little box (which I cut with my Silhouette) with a glue gun and the ribbon with a stapler.

I sure would enjoy seing what unexpected things you could create with Tingtura’s stamps !

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 | Author: Therese

We have a jar for saving small change and I was fed up with it’s plain boring appearance. Just a white box… BORING! And a while ago a Bind It All (BIA) moved into our house which I thought I’d put to proper use too!

I cut up 5 pieces of 12×12 and one 12×15 (for the lid) and dressed them all up in nice monochrome and patterned papers. Then the BIA made some holes which I used to tie it all together with organza ribbons. I didn’t want the edges of the box to stand out so much so I colored them with a black ProMarker.

Stamps used:
*Girl Hugging Heart or Ella as she is named (colored with ProMarkers highlighted with a white pen)
*Flower lines (stamped with distress ink walnut stain for a softer impression)

I really like Flower Lines since it’s so usefull though I’m mainly using it for making backgrounds at the moment.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 | Author: Julia

This January I graduated and I am now a teacher :D unfortunatly I don’t have a job…yet. So I got plenty of time to read all those books I didn’t have time to read when I was studying. And of course I need a bookmark! I love the Urban stamps and they are so easy to use and make collages. I used a lot of stamps to make this bookmark.

From Urban Sky: Cloud middle Cloud small Three circles Small circle Heart Flower

From Urban Stars: Round Swirl Star Swirl Long Startexture

and also: This happened

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 | Author: Therese

I’m doing a small side project that I add a few pages to now and then. It’s a chipboard album shaped as a heart where I scrap photos of me and my niece doing funny faces. It’s kinda a tradition for us two to take crazy photos now and then when we meet and we always laugh looking at the photos. In this album there will be a series of five photos taken at the same time, hence the numbering of the page.

I’ve dressed the album in ordinary bazzil paper and painted a black frame around the edges of the heart using ProMarkers. I’ve stamped and embossed Bubble Wrap as a frame around the photo. I’ve also stamped partially on the photo since I think it looks cool and adds to the frame effect nicely. The swirls are colored with ProMarkers and high lighted with a white pen.

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Monday, December 29th, 2008 | Author: Kicki

For those of you that don’t know, Tingtura Design is run by husband and wife Niklas and Kristina (Kicki) Mårdby. During november we joined a stamping contest with eight teams of five stampers. Niklas was the only guy :) Teams were randomly put together and we ended up on the same team! It was great fun!

Here are what we made for the nine challenges! Can you guess which is made by who? Please leave a comment :D If you manage to guess right, there should be an award for that, shouldn’t it? :P

First challenge was to come up with a team name. We called ourselves “Red Hot Chili Stampers” and Niklas photoshoped a quick lil avatar for us.

Challenge #2

Color challenge. Each team member gets one color: red, green, yellow, blue and purple. Use your color and none of the other four..

Stamps used: Package opening monster, Ha en underbar jul (swedish text stamp), Slim cat, vill du leka med mig? (swedish text stamp)

Challenge #3

Material challenge. Each team member gets one type of material for decoration. Use it and none of the other four. Brads, buttons, flowers, bling and paper clip.

Stamps used: Tree trunk, Standing pig and lots of Urban and swirls from Journaling #2

Challenge #4

Sketch challenge.

Stamps used: Girl with gift, bubblewrap, Flower and lots of of Urban and swirls from Journaling #2 again. Who is it that likes Urban? Can you guess… :P

Challenge #5

Again divide within the team. This time it was the number of stamps to use on the card: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stamps.

Stamps used: 5 stamps: Wavy dots, Drop large, Large swirl, Flying star large and Flying star medium. 2 stamps: Jippi du klarade det (swedish text stamp), Princess from Majaroni)

Challenge #6

Make a classig Christmas card in red and green.

Stamps used: Boy waiting for Santa, Girl with Gift, Santas hat, Girl huggin heart, God Jul stor (swedish text stamp)

Challenge #7

This time it was shapes! Circle, square, triangle, heart and stars. Use the shape you got and not the other four.

Stamps used: Lots of hearts (beautiful texture!), småord (swedish text stamp), Söt (swedish text stamp), Heart, Flying heart Right, Flying heart up, Hipp hipp hurra (swedish text stamp), Star Texture)

Challenge #8

Make a Christmas Tree decoration!

Stamps used: Christmas Frog, god jul Litet hörne (swedish text stamp), god jul stor (swedish text stamp), Dotted circle, Star Texture)

Challenge #9

Each team member got a stile to work with for this challenge: Clean & Simple, Freestyle, Heavily decorated, Vintage and Retro.

Stamps used: Flower, Pipe with cloud, Frog with wings Large, Large Circle, Drop, Drop Large, Flower, Drop large.

Challenge #10

Make a Christmas recipe.

Stamps used: Christmas Frorg, God Jul stor (swedish text stamp), Circle Large, Santas helpers Couple, 1-3 Swirl.

Our team didn’t win the competition though we won some of the challenges. It was a lot of work since these ten challenges came quite close to each other (1-3 challenges per week), but it was a lot of fun. So, can you guess which card is made by who? :P

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

Niklas & Kicki

Saturday, December 20th, 2008 | Author: Julia

It’s not many days left until Christmas :) Yesterday my boy had his last day in school for this year and of course his teacher got a Christmas gift. I altered matchboxes for everyone and they also got a scented candle. One of his teackers are male and I wanted to avoid the most cute stamps on his matchbox, and the Majaroni Santa was perfect!! Isn’t he lovely?!

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