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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 | Author: Therese
My mother is very important to me and we are very close. We currently live very far apart but speak on the phone at least once a day, which we have since I moved out. I am very happy with how this photo turned out. I took it last Christmas and wanted to do something special with it that symbolize mum. I’ve chosen colors for the layout that fit her. When I saw that pink-purple paper I knew right away what I wanted to do with it.

I chose to do the layout clean and simple with few decorations. The decoration in the close-up is the stamp scallop journaling small and buttons with tulle attached.



Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 | Author: Therese

This weeks article on sale is The Pirate Captain, and I can’t say it enough - it is my ultimate favourite! It is so usable and that it goes well with skulls is another plus in my eyes. I like that it is so full of detail, and that you don’t see all of it. It is as if you’ve taken a picture where you left part of the motif out on purpose, and it is very catchy.

The stamped image is coloured with Promarkers and highlighted with white Gelly Roll pen. The background too is colored with Promarkers. I usually just leave the background white, but Kicki has inspired me here - even though I have a lot to learn before mine are as pretty as hers.

It was difficult to choose texting on this card, but after some googling, “Ahoy” was the obvious choice. Is there any better pirate word? The letters are cut out with the silhouette and then I put diamond glaze on. The flags are also cut out with the same machine. The Urban stamp Swirl is in the background.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 | Author: Therese

In just a few days, Valentine is here! I’m planning on sending cards to friends and beloved ones just to show them that I think of them and I’m happy they’re in my life. You do this far too seldom, and I think it’s great to have a special day to remind me of this.

Today I will show you one of the cards I’ll send and the stamped image is my new love - Robot with heart! It was love at first sight - the robot really inspires me! I can guarantee that you will se lots of the robot on my cards in the future.

The robot is fastened with two coins and a 3D foam square, which allows the robot to move about in the slit that I cut out using my paper trimmer and craft knife. In the background I’ve used Wavy Beam. The robot is coloured with Promarkers, as always nowadays. You wouldn’t believe that I gave away the first ones I bought because I didn’t like them.

I would love to see what pretty things you create for Valentine’s! Please leave a comment with a link to your blog so we can have a look.

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Wednesday, February 04th, 2009 | Author: Therese

Today it’s time for me to show you a card. I usually don’t use patterned paper as base for my cards, but I did today, and I like the effect it gives the card. To use a paper with skulls was an obvious choice. Partly because I think they’re cool, partly because I decided to use Tough girl. I like Tough girl since she is so full of detail with the studded bracelet and the skull necklace. Skulls are just right now, aren’t they? To heighten the tough theme even more I cut a skull with my silhouette and used for emebellishment. The twig is also cut using the silhouette.

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 | Author: Therese

One day as I was stamping and cutting out some clouds, one of my clouds suddenly lay somewhat ruffled on the desk and looked just like a leaf… The idea grew and the end result after a lot of stamping, colouring, cutting out and glueing was a flower! I started to glue three leaves as a base, and then glued leaf after leaf in the spaces in between. A flower needs to have some green leaves as well, so I used Urban Swirl. The swirl and the clouds are all coloured with Promarkers och highlighted with a white pen. The flower is fastened on the little box (which I cut with my Silhouette) with a glue gun and the ribbon with a stapler.

I sure would enjoy seing what unexpected things you could create with Tingtura’s stamps !

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 | Author: Therese

We have a jar for saving small change and I was fed up with it’s plain boring appearance. Just a white box… BORING! And a while ago a Bind It All (BIA) moved into our house which I thought I’d put to proper use too!

I cut up 5 pieces of 12×12 and one 12×15 (for the lid) and dressed them all up in nice monochrome and patterned papers. Then the BIA made some holes which I used to tie it all together with organza ribbons. I didn’t want the edges of the box to stand out so much so I colored them with a black ProMarker.

Stamps used:
*Girl Hugging Heart or Ella as she is named (colored with ProMarkers highlighted with a white pen)
*Flower lines (stamped with distress ink walnut stain for a softer impression)

I really like Flower Lines since it’s so usefull though I’m mainly using it for making backgrounds at the moment.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 | Author: Therese

I’m doing a small side project that I add a few pages to now and then. It’s a chipboard album shaped as a heart where I scrap photos of me and my niece doing funny faces. It’s kinda a tradition for us two to take crazy photos now and then when we meet and we always laugh looking at the photos. In this album there will be a series of five photos taken at the same time, hence the numbering of the page.

I’ve dressed the album in ordinary bazzil paper and painted a black frame around the edges of the heart using ProMarkers. I’ve stamped and embossed Bubble Wrap as a frame around the photo. I’ve also stamped partially on the photo since I think it looks cool and adds to the frame effect nicely. The swirls are colored with ProMarkers and high lighted with a white pen.

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 | Author: Therese

I was so inspired last sunday when reading Kickis post. I had to try straight away! So here is me freestyling. And it was so much fun!

I let go of all restraints and “musts” I usually have and I just played around with my Urban stamps. I cut, glued, measured, stamped, cut some more and did all the things I love! I’ve used some decorations that I never use which made it even more fun. The plastic wings have been hanging at home for a loong time and the same goes for the rub-ons. It’s so much fun when you all of a sudden notice old things and you get all excited about them just like you did when you first bought them. The drops hanging under the photo is my own doodling and colored with ProMarkers.

Stamps used:
* Flower Lines
* Lightning (gorgeous even uncolored)
* Cloud Medium and Cloud Big (stamped on patterned paper and cut out)

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Thursday, January 01st, 2009 | Author: Therese

New Years Eve and soon 2008 is past. Imagine how time flies!

I always sit down at the end of the year looking back at the things I’ve created and the photos I’ve taken. This time my eyes were caught by a photo taken this summer at the amusement park Liseberg. It’s a photo of my boyfriend and my niece and she looks so wonderfully pleased when she is helped and can see the stage better. It was a beautiful day though a little cloudy so whats more suitable than some Urban clouds and rainbows? A few of the clouds sits on foam squares and the rainbow is colored using ProMarkers. I’ve used colors that can be found in the photo. To frame the photo I’ve placed the rainbows in a triangle and I’ve done the same with the three black birds.

Take some time, sit down and enjoy looking back. Bring back memories from 2008. Maybe you also need to make some room for 2009 photos and creations?

We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you will follow our creative endevours during 2009 too

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